Café Kølbert

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Café Kølbert

Café Kølbert`s brazenly polite waiters at your service! These humble servants report for duty, happy to serve a selected few or a crowd; tall or short; fat or thin; gentry or poor; white or black; children or dogs. Whoever and wherever you are, in the company of Café Kølbert you can look forward to an unforgettable experience, that will be the talk of the day for a long time to come.

With Café Kølbert you are guaranteed a fabulous time filled with laughter and tears of joy, funny occurrences and sudden impulses. What you get is a bunch of show waiters, who are skilled entertainers, professional and hilarious - constantly undergoing training and development.

Let Café Kølbert take care of entertaining your guests during dinner! These crazy waiters will serve all guests in style while improvising funny surprises and jokes at the table, mixed with professional and above-board entertainment on stage – before, during, in between and after the various courses of the meal. 

Go on, treat yourself and your guests to an experience with Café Kølbert – they look forward to spending quality time in your company!

Café Kølbert welcomes bookings for corporate events, private parties and any other events, where you are looking for a fun contribution and a good laugh.

How to book Café Kølbert

For prices and availability please give us a ring at Bookinghuset on telephone 0045 75 91 00 86 or fill in the booking form. We will be happy to give you a quote on request, and confirm whether Café Kølbert is available for your event.  



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    Duration: 1 x 60 min